Guide of How Does a Heat Pump Work | Portercom Limited

The heat pump is a crucial part of any modern or contemporary home, with any good pump capable of capturing heat from the outside and moving it into the home using electricity. Best of all, in doing so, it brings in heat already present in the environment, thereby leaving no carbon footprint in its wake. In these modern environmentally conscious times, they could play an important part in our fight against global warming.

How exactly do they work? 

When we consider that heat in its natural state moves toward a colder place rather than vice versa, the method by which a heat pump works is based on that premise. When we consider that the outside is a lot cooler than the inside, how can this be made possible?

The increase in gas pressure increases the temperature, with a decrease having the inverse effect. Pressure is essentially the basis from which a heat pump is able to work its magic in transporting heat from outside to inside the home.

To go into greater detail, there are two heat exchangers, one outside and one inside. Low temperature heat enters the outside heat exchanger, before going through the compressor into the indoor heat exchanger, which gives out high temperature heat. Any excess heat will circle around the expansion valve and return to the indoor exchanger, maintaining the high temperature heat.

Why do you need one?

The main reason you should want a heat pump ultimately boils down to efficiency, with everyone looking to go more green nowadays. You should certainly look to take the leap too. The amount of heat produced exceeds the amount of electricity used, which is obviously a huge plus when it comes to carbon efficiency and neutrality.

On average, a heat pump only uses 3kw of electrical energy to produce 14kw of heat. As we enter an uncertain environmental period, a larger number of people switching to the heat pump could be hugely beneficial for our environment at large.

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